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He's One!

What a wonderful day we all had together as a family! While Mitch was at work for the morning Emmit got his second haircut. He looked so handsome after I gelled it...just like his Daddy. Mitch's mom, grandma, & brother came to town for the day to help us celebrate. That afternoon we went to Elizabeth Park in Trenton, MI. It was such a gorgeous, perfect day! On the way there we stopped to pick up a birthday cheesecake, complements of Jill:) On the way home we stopped at Pizzeria Uno's for some good eats to bring with us. Emmit had only a very small slice of cheesecake & seemed to enjoy it, but he was so tired from the busy day. He had a great time opening his presents. It's funny how toddlers are so much more enamored with the packaging than with the actual gift itself. I must say that he really loved his new pig Wilbur. We couldn't have asked for a better, more memorable day! I still can't believe we have a toddler.

This little piggy...

Emmit's New Discovery

Sorry about the lighting...bright day:) Emmit has discovered that his highchair moves. The minute I put him on the kitchen floor he's off to see where he can get his highchair to roll to next. This video was taken a few day ago, you should see him now...he's quite the expert in highchair rolling.

The rest of the story...

...ok, here are the other 2 stories I promised (that kid is sure keeping me busy, teething or something or other...whew!). You know when you're canoing & get to the point where you're just totally pooped? You think to yourself, "Boy, I sure hope this trip is over really soon. I mean, it's great & all. All this water, all these trees, all this water..." You look at your map & see that you've only made it 1/2 way which took you, well, FOREVER!!! I really enjoyed the trip, really. Well, needless to say, we got out in a low potion of the river (really low... the ducks were even walking around, laughing at us humans, mind you) to haul our kayak over a dead end area to the other side when we decided to walk around in the water for a bit. Mitch loves to throw rocks, specifically at me, so there he goes....The next thing you know he picks up a giant rock covered in mini clam shells. Very odd looking. What was so funny about it was that all those little shells were inhabited be something or others. I think they may have been trying to make a "squirt" for it because they were soaking Mitch's shorts. Maybe it was there defense mechanism. Don't know. All I know is that it was pretty strange looking.

#3 Before we actually haul our kayak over to the other side Mitch looks down into the water & shouts, "Look, a dead fish!" Joy of all joys. A dead fish decomposing in the water where I was just soaking my feet. It was inside a small, hollowed out log so of course he has to move it just a bit. And what else did he discover...a GIANT crayfish. I'm not much of a crustation person, I can't even spell the word for Pete's sake. So, of course, Mitch had to pick up the small, hollowed out log & dump the poor thing on the ground right in front of me. It reminded me why I don't eat anything with more than 4 legs. I gotta stop or I'm gonna hurl....

Yes...I'm 30

Well, I turned 30 this past Saturday...thank you all for the cards & emails:) To tell you the truth I think this whole "30 Club" thing is great! I finally feel as though I've passed through the threshold into adulthood. This year Mitch took me kayaking on the Huron River in Ann Arbor, MI. We had such a great time together. As a side note...has anyone else noted that canoing increases the probability of a couple getting in an argument (FYI: Mitch & I did not get in a fight, just in case you were wondering...we never fight). Every couple we saw paddling down the river was bickering about one thing or another, no joke! OK, back to my story...about the picture at the top. No, I didn't take it. Got it off the web. Unfortunately we didn't take our camera b/c of the risk of dropping it in the river. We've done it before & chances are we'd do it again. To take a picture of what actually happened would've put our lives at risk. Here we are paddling down the river when Mitch says, "Hey look! A beaver!" Something was swimming right into our path. It kind of looked like a beaver. The closer we got to it & it to us we realized it was a bit smaller than a beaver. I suggested "an otter?". The closer we got to it & it to us, right next to our kayak as a matter of fact, the more I realized that it's head was awfully small, even for an otter. I screamed, "It's a squirrel!!!!" I thought it was going to swim around us but it tried to jump right up into our laps! Oars were flying everywhere. Mitch even tried to whack it back into the water but it got a pretty good grasp on his oar. The nest thing you know the little guy is on the other side of our kayak swimming away as if nothing ever happened. We could've gotten rabies, you know.

Got 2 more stories to tell you about but Mitch is bugging me to get off the computer so........that's all for now:)