Here's another one:)


Had to put this pic in here b/c it is just too funny:)

I used to think that Emmit looked like a turtle when he was a baby...any resemblance?

Poor Puppy

Poor Mickey had surgery on his leg a few weeks back. The doctor took out quite a large benign fatty tumor. Emmit got quite a kick out of Mickey's temporary head gear!

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

I read recently on a money saving web site that if you're going grocery NOT bring the'll end up spending 15% more money. After a long day Saturday of preparing our house to be shown (it's up for sale) that evening, Mitch & I decided to do the grocer shopping together as a family. I warned him of my above finding but he reassured me that we'd stick to the list. Well, needless to say, we pulled into our driveway with a new Radio Flyer bike, toy cell phone, & two bath toys. I think that was way over the 15% mark!

Emmit is a sly little boy! Mitch heard him giggling in his room Sunday afternoon. He goes in to see what he's up to & finds him sitting in his chair reading a book. So we've got a climber on our hands now, and much more than just his rocking chair!

Just had to put this one in:) Emmit's growing like a weed...and getting cuter everyday!