Oh, to be down south again...

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he keeps me hoppin'

emmit's learning body parts...even mickey's:)

emmit chewed a chunk out of his bed bug bumper...i found a trail of foam in our bedroom, his bedroom & the bathroom!

"helping" momma in the kitchen

playing peek-a-boo at the toledo zoo. unfortunately it was such a warm day it seemed that all the animals were sleeping:(

the kid LOVES flowers!

taking a stroll in the creek (the raging creek at that!). do all dads do things w/ the kids that make the mommy's heart skip a beat...in fear, that is?

ooo...are they handsome!

Emmits' a big boy now...he gets his step stool from the hall closet to wash his hands &/or brush his teeth then he puts it back where it belongs.

yes, emmit's eating life cereal off the kitchen floor. you know when your kid does something that he should get in trouble for but it's just so funny that you can't hold yourself back from laughing & taking lots & lots of pictures? i'm sure he'll catch on to that one any day now!

peanut butter makes great hair pomade

This is what we do after an afternoon of making cards.

here we come

Well, we're off to Trenton, MI this coming Fri-Sat (hope the caps are easier to read...mom:) to move into our rental house. I'll try to get a walk through video of it next time we're over there for the family. I really, really love the house & would snatch it up if the market wasn't so shaky & if we were sure we'd be living in MI for a while longer (you know, enough to make some sort of profit off of it). The house has 2 bedrooms (3 if you don't count the playroom on the first floor), a sun room of the living/dining area, 1 1/2 bathrooms, new carpet (so looking forward to not having to clean hardwood floors anymore!, fresh pretty paint, new roof, new siding, new furnace & AC. The basement is spotless but unfinished, kind of. It's definitely possible to put some sort of family living area down there (there's a great pool table down there right now, which is staying:) but we'll see if we need the space for that sort of thing. The landlord lives across the street but her & here husband are soooo great! I was really hoping that would work out! She's cool about letting us do really whatever we want to the interior of the house:) Ikea here we come! I'm really looking forward to finally being able to "live" in a house that we can make a home, at least visibly:) Our first 2 places have been plain Jane.

So that's the family scoop for now. Will try to get more on this site as I have opportunity between the moving madness:)

learning his letters

i have come to learn that emmit's brain is like a sponge. it seems that i can't teach him new concepts, words, letters, ideas, etc fast enough. just when he's latched onto one thing he's starting on another. i started working on letters with emmit around his 18th month when i heard somewhere that that is the age when children begin to soak up everything in their path. now i find him sitting in his room reading through his letter books or puzzle practicing his letters (or just reading to himself while humming:). it's so cute! i think in this video he says balloon & banana (kind of).

poor thing :)

moving on...finally

aaaahhhhh...the joys of not having to keep my house spotless for the never ending lineup of people wanting to view it...whew, what a year it has been! we put our house up for sale just about 1 year ago. we found out today that the couple who made an offer a few months back definitely want to buy our house. they wanted to do one more walk through today just to nail down their decision, since it has been 2 months already. as for our great plans...we're just going to stay around here (sorry to all our family & friends in ohio;) & rent for a few years & wait to see where the Lord leads us.

let the search begin...again.

boy, oh boy

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