here we come

Well, we're off to Trenton, MI this coming Fri-Sat (hope the caps are easier to to move into our rental house. I'll try to get a walk through video of it next time we're over there for the family. I really, really love the house & would snatch it up if the market wasn't so shaky & if we were sure we'd be living in MI for a while longer (you know, enough to make some sort of profit off of it). The house has 2 bedrooms (3 if you don't count the playroom on the first floor), a sun room of the living/dining area, 1 1/2 bathrooms, new carpet (so looking forward to not having to clean hardwood floors anymore!, fresh pretty paint, new roof, new siding, new furnace & AC. The basement is spotless but unfinished, kind of. It's definitely possible to put some sort of family living area down there (there's a great pool table down there right now, which is staying:) but we'll see if we need the space for that sort of thing. The landlord lives across the street but her & here husband are soooo great! I was really hoping that would work out! She's cool about letting us do really whatever we want to the interior of the house:) Ikea here we come! I'm really looking forward to finally being able to "live" in a house that we can make a home, at least visibly:) Our first 2 places have been plain Jane.

So that's the family scoop for now. Will try to get more on this site as I have opportunity between the moving madness:)