makin' waves

i did a #1 in the potty today!!!

i had a doctor's appointment yesterday. they said i was 33 1/4" tall & 24 lbs! i'm a groing boy...more up than out:) i also got 2 shots & a sucker. it was my very first one!

this is the 2nd sucker i've ever had in my life. got it from daddy that same day!!!

under construction

sorry for the confusion folks! our family blog is under construction. check out emmit's very own blog at that site is our old one just with a different name:)

greetings from michigan

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gramma, uncle joey and i are having such a great time this week. today we went to a huge garage sale and uncle joey helped my mommy find me lots of great books and clothes. after that we went to the coolest park! it had a huge wooden castle that we played on for a long time. we had to go home after uncle joey hurt his foot. i really hope we get to go back with daddy sunday afternoon. tuesday and thursday uncle joey, mommy and i cleaned the ENTIRE back yard! what a job, but the sun was out the whole time! i had so much fun helping pick up sticks and finding treasures in the grass.

thank you sooooo much for going swimming with me on friday. i had soooo much fun with you! i wish we could all see you guys more. can't wait to see you and gram this monday. maybe we can go out for ice cream!

And so it begins...

I decided to start potty training Emmit this week. He's 18 months now & it sure does seem that he knows what he's doing when he does "it". Yesterday he did a #2 on the potty:) I was thrilled & a bit surprised that he did it after only the second time sitting on the pot. Well, today was quite the different story. Since Mitch missed Emmit's great milestone yesterday morning & since he was still home this morning after Emmit ate breakfast I asked him if he wanted to hang around to experience Emmit's, well, you know, poo-pooing (I know, kind of gross, but only a parent could understand:). So, after Emmit sat there for about 5 minutes brushing his teeth & goofing off he wanted to get off. I helped him off of let him run around bare bottomed so I could run to the next room & get a diaper. The next thing I heard was "CARISSA!!!" I looked around the corned & found Emmit standing there doing a #1 & a #2 right on the floor!!! Needless to say, Mitch DID get to experience this great milestone of Emmit's, in a round about sort of really gross way. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, even though I had to clean it up.

Day #1

Day #3 I think he's regressed a bit, don't you?

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Who's playing with who?

Hmmmmmmm... or orange?

Curious George

Anything Mitch(Daddy)is doing Emmit wants to be a part of it, somehow, someway. He definitely is a Daddy's boy.