Like mommy like son...unfortunately

My girlfriend Jessica posted on her blog about a month ago how she found her 17 mo old son eating their dogs dog food. I commented that I used to eat dog bones when I was a kid (not even a toddler...I was old enough to know better!) & I turned out ok. A few days ago Emmit pushes open the bathroom door...and what did he have in his hand? Mickey's dentabone!!! And he was even chewing a piece of it in his mouth...uuuhhhggg! I have no earthly idea why in the world the child liked the thing (found him chewing on it just a short while before that). If it tasted anything like it smelled...yuk! Not that I tasted it or anything...honestly!

Hello again:)

Grama Mary, Grampa Kelly & Emmit. Thank you for letting us stay with you!!!

Emmit at the petting zoo.

Emmit & Zoe getting into the toy stash. Partners in crime.

Emmit's flight home. Good 'ole Benadryl!

Boy, has it ever been along time since my last posting!!! Life, as it is for everyone, has been busy. The calendar always seems to fill up so quickly. Mitch & my mom surprised me with a trip out to Utah to visit her and my step-dad, Kelly. Emmit & I were there for 1 week near the beginning of November. What a blessing it was to spend time with mom & Kel!!! Emmit had a GREAT time with their two dogs Sierra & Zoe. Mom & I were under the weather for most of the time & Emmit had some bowel issues. I would never recommend changing a baby's diaper in an airplane bathroom (or should I say closet). His bottom started to heal up after I began using the hand cream I brought...yes, hand cream. Aquaphor. A must in every baby's diaper drawer. The stuff was a jar full of blessing! Here are a few pics from the week: