Birthday Boy

Today is Mitch's 28th birthday...I know, old man!

When Mommy's Not Home...

So is this what happens when I'm not home to supervise the guys? Emmit gets his first black eye & breaks his first dish. Hmmm...well...he did get his first bloody lip on my watch. I guess we're even.

Emmit's 10th Month

SIlly Guys

Apparently Emmit likes to be toted around in baskets. Mitch & Emmit have such a great time together when he comes home after a hard, stressful day at work. Emmit is definitely Mitch's valve release. When I'm in the kitchen making dinner I hear lots & lots of squeals, giggles, & shrieks coming up from the basement. My girlfriend Amy commented to me a while back that her favorite sound is that of her children's voices. I can definitely ditto that!!! I LOVE to hear my love & my baby having fun together. It makes slaving over a hot stove more enjoyable:)

Emmit's First Haircut

Before...(Actually this was the night before the after picture. Emmit got a bit spooked by Mitch's electric trimmers.)

This is what happened when Mitch decided to use his electric trimmers in Emmit's hair!


Momma & Baby

This one's for you Grandma Jill!

Just Another Road Trip

Our Labor Day Weekend
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